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Jul 11, 2010

Corexit Rain

 Can't wait until it starts to rain this stuff. Oh. Wait. Already raining cell rupturing death:

"...Speaking to CNN on Friday, her message was a bit more dire.

'It ruptures red blood cells, causes internal bleeding and liver and kidney damage,' Dr. Shaw said. 'This stuff is so toxic -- combined, it's not the oil alone, it's not the dispersant -- the dispersed oil that still contains this stuff, it's very, very toxic and it goes right through skin.'

The claims would seem to echo a fellow toxicologist who described the effects of Corexit as the disruption of oil bilipid layers, which he called 'the very basis of life.'

'Each of us is made out of cells,' Dr. Chris Pincetich explained in a recent interview. 'Those cells are nothing more than an oil layer surrounding our proteins and RNA and all the other molecules talking to each other. You put in a chemical that disrupts that basic biological structure and you are putting yourself at risk from umpteen effects.'

Mixed with toxic compounds leached from crude oil, said "umpteen effects" are completely unknown at this point, with Dr. Shaw's statements being among the first reports on the dire health effects of dispersed oil exposure.

None of the most recent news bodes well for U.S. residents anywhere near the Gulf dcoast. Some reports have suggested that new chemical compounds formed in the Gulf's hot, salty summer waters are evaporating and potentially returning in rains across the south-eastern U.S. There's also the case of an amateur video shot in Louisiana after a heavy rain, in which the videographer claims to be witnessing an oil sheen on almost all surfaces touched by the condensation..."


BP dumps this Corexit  (a BP produced toxin) on the "spill" in order to force the floating oil below the surface of the Gulf. To hide it.

Because, you know, nothing in the natural world interacts with anything else...

...we should simply not worry these cell rupturing Corexit Rains.

No offense to the comrades talking orange jump suits for these bastards, but prison just doesn't cut it.

h/t Singularity


Andromeda said...

The threat level of this particular spill (including all social, legal, environmental, physical, and chemical aspects of it) is not well understood by the public at large.

This is not a statement of judgment, but of truth: most individuals are either unable or unwilling to contemplate the full scale of the potential disaster, and instead can only focus on one thing at a time, such as: what about the birds, what about the shoreline, what about the fishermen, etc.?

But those questions are only the tip of the iceberg.

I know that you must understand the full potential scope of the disaster, JC. Why? You fearlessly crave the truth of all things---a sublime trait, in my eyes (though I know we differ in opinion on that particular point, no worries).

Where does this threat end, since it can potentially fill the skies in the form of rain, and fall down onto the earth, poisoning all it touches?

And is there even a proper punishment, when neither prison nor death can make up for the cause/effect in this case?

Jack Crow said...

I dunno, Andromeda. I'm pretty damned flawed. Lots flawed.

fwoan said...

Waiting for a Cloverfield monster to storm out of the gulf any day now.

Jack Crow said...

Wouldn't you almost prefer it, fwoan? That's a tangible monster. Something at which one might aim a bow and let the arrows fly...

Andromeda said...

Eh, JC, everyone is flawed; it's the human condition.

No big deal, it's about knowing where your faults lie and always striving to avoid them---for the sake of the innocent. :-)

I would prefer an alien first contact to fix this, if it were up to me.