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Jan 20, 2011

"Grab Those Bodies Early," The Empire's Phantasm Murmured

Received today, for my signature:

"The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 requires school districts to release the names, addresses and telephone listings of secondary school students to military recruiters upon their request unless the students or their parents request that the students' contact information NOT be released without prior written parental consent. NCLB requires school districts to inform the secondary students' parents of their right to opt out.

If this form is completed, signed, and returned to the student's school, the school and school district shall not release the student's directory information to any party without prior written consent.

Please check the appropriate boxes:

  • As the parent or legal guardian of this student, I am exercising my "opt out" right to direct that my school and school district shall NOT release my directory information to any party without prior written consent.
  • As the parent or legal guardian of this student, I am exercising my "opt out" right to direct that the student's school and school district shall NOT release directory information to the following party(ies) without my prior written consent:
(all emphasis original; ie, not mine)
Attached to the "student code of conduct" packet, itself eighteen pages of scholegalese. Without explanation. For my middle schooler.

Junior god damned high.

Note the alteration of words between the two available options. In the first, it's "my school and school district." In the second, it's the "student's school and school district." I wonder why the distinction.


In the first, as a parent I can forbid the school district from releasing my information. In the second, I have to specify each and every party who cannot receive my child's ("the student's") directory data. Separated categories, different permissions.

Sneaky fucks.

The fuckers...

...Oh, for Gallic surgeons and their infamous devices...


Randal Graves said...

Heh heh, good times. Built-in killbot access & misbehavin' jargon & I've only a few more years with such hijinks. Sniff.

what the Tee Vee taught said...

Ah yes, The Code of Conduct.

This comes from the Seattle district's "Students Rights and Responsibilities":

This document uses words and definitions of words that may be offensive to some persons. Parents/guardians should use discretion in allowing young children to read this document without supervision.

Gotta love it.

Jack Crow said...

Fuckers. Just, fuckers...