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"In case you haven't recognized the trend: it proceeds action, dissent, speech." ~ davidly, on how wars get done

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Apr 19, 2011

Because They Are

Mister Smith comes close to the legendary third rail, today. He approaches, but inevitably begs off, content in the end to hint his allegations. Can't blame him, though he has taken it further before. He lacks the fictional pedigree to make the challenge without someone policing his right to exist. I have that fictional pedigree, and I say fuck it, I don't care.

One wonders why so few people are willing to approach it. Wonders, but we know the answer. Hitler has many legacies. That raving shitty fuck.

So, the question so few people have the bad manners to ask in a public way, because it is an ill mannered question, is:

Is it because they're Jews?

In my experience, few liberals or good civilizationists would avoid a public inquiry, or a treatment of the question, if it were asked of or about Sikhs, or Christians, or Muslims, or Tibetan Buddhists. Because, generally, we draw conclusions about people upon the basis of the shit they say and believe about the world, and from the choices they make armed with those beliefs.

When some fundie Christer shoots up an abortion clinic, a simple conclusion follows. He believed that his angry Jesus wanted him to do it and he had the twisted courage of his convictions. He put it out there. When ten or a hundred or a ten hundred thousand fundie Christers form up organizations to transfer loot to fag burning African despots, or to put Mike Huckabee close to the nuclear trigger, or to criminalize the possession of a uterus, they do it because they're Christians. Their reasons are Christian. They want Christian outcomes.

So why doesn't it follow that when ten thousand or six million (or whatever) people give a portion of each week's take to ensuring that a colonial garrison state can run open air prisons and bomb little children into phosphor tainted dust, they do it, in whole or part, because they're Jews

That they do it because - in one of the more casuistic parlor trick tautologies - they believe that they are who they are because a piece of land exists, and being who they are, are entitled to that land and any measures necessary to secure it, in perpetuity?

That they do it because they believe they are a Chosen and Singled Out people entitled to rule the earth and to proscribe laws for the unbelievers in a coming Golden Age which shall see the planet placed in permanent receivership to their cult of racially exclusive superiority*?

That they do it - even if they no longer worship one of the more cartoonishly evil mountain top demons to haunt the human nous - because they actually believe they have the moral sanction to do so, as conferred by membership in their own particular cult of received authority?

Say it. It's liberating. The Israelis murder and butcher and occupy because they believe they are entitled to that piece of land, that it is theirs for the taking no matter who else has lived there. Coreligionists the world over send them money and secure them martial and political support in the capitols of European and American military powers because they really do believe that they are a chosen people who have a right to a piece of land delineated by the Roman Empire and administered as a way station to Parthia and Egypt.

They do it because they're Jews.

* Admirably dissected by Shlomo Sand.

Note to antisemites and equally mealy minded white racialists, you too can fuck off and die. You have the same poison in your veins, and you lack the mitigating circumstances of living under oppressive Christendom for the better part of two millennia. I'm not making a "Jews are bad" case. I'm making a "Jewish belief explains Jewish actions" case. Those beliefs need to be addressed, because they explain proximate causes.


Anonymous said...

Is you stupid?

Jack Crow said...

There is strong case to be made for my stupidity, Anon.

JM said...

Hate to say it, but you are kind of generalizing; there's a lot of Jewish people and rabbis who stand against Israel's policies.

Jack Crow said...

Yep. There are. So what? I'm not really referring to "policies." I'm talking about the ideology which informs the entire creation of the State of Israel. It's raison d'etre. The Jewish Nation is a...

...Jewish nation. It's a race state. I can fly there tomorrow, and have more "right" to that land than someone whose grandfather's grandfather's grandfather practiced medicine in Yafa.

The reason an IDF trooper has no problem shooting a child in the face, and the reason why a grandmother in Westchester continues to send money to the JNF have fuck all to do with with why some Jews oppose Israel.

The point Mr. Smith hinted at - that Lerner needed to preface his introduction of the Avnery report - was that the very common root assumption among most of the world's Jews is that they deserve Israel, so therefore it is unwise and often disloyal to characterize anything done in the name of Israel as resulting from Jewish beliefs about race and exclusivity, since it draws those beliefs directly into a discussion about supremacist colonialism.

And they don't look so benign once they're framed in their proper context.

Anonymous said...

Stupid is the impression I get too, yes.

As with the "Christer" stupidity.

You're misfiring these days, Jack. First trying to prove More Feminist Than Thou --which JRB already mined to tiresome effect-- now you're doing what?

It ain't about religion. The religion is the cover.

How you miss that, well....

Buck up and use that noggin.

Militarism isn't about religious obeisance. It's about fear. The religion is the Social Club cover.

Get that, and you get the picture.

But you miss the picture.


Pretending to be The UberFeminist is another kind of Social Club cover.

JM said...

Jack: Okay, I get what you're saying now.
Charlie, if it's not about religious extremism, what is it then?

davidly said...

And I don't believe American Fundies would be so pro-Israel if they didn't believe the same things regarding their chosen nature. I've been privy to more than a few conversations with US servicemembers who've explicitly said so. (which doesn't necessarily mean they don't think they'll need to "convert" the Jews when the day arrives).

What I like most about those who use their religious beliefs to justify the indefensible is the way they throw the word "moral relativism" around without the slightest sense of irony.

Oh, and Karl: Cover is as cover does. I think, at any rate, it's beside the point.

Jack Crow said...

Palestine wasn't colonized out of inchoate fear. It was colonized with European money, by a subset of Europeans armed with a supremacist national ideology. Zabotinsky expressed it in its most lucid form way back in 1923:


And he was more forthright than a thousand thousand Lerners, today, Karl. It's not a "misfire" to note these facts, anymore than it is to "defend women."




I had the Christian Zionists in mind, too. They claim the same blood-faith membership in an ekklesia, and see themselves literally as a Replacement Israel. It's good that you mention their prevalence in the armed services, which are an active recruiting ground.

drip said...

I don't care why Israel the state does what it does. It matters not one whit to me. And I don't care that most of the people doing these things to the Palestinians call themselves jews or that their enablers call themselves americans. The debate should never be about why such acts take place, but whether they are right or wrong. There seem to me to be some close cases about whether, for example, an IRA or ETA bomber should try for freedom through terror. But that is not Palestine and if the only justification for the behavior toward the Palestinians is "because god said so" well, that is a bad answer. But I don't think that is the answer. I think the answer is "because we need the resources." So, the land, the water, the sea and skies, must be preserved so that we can let the desert bloom. The rest is just a cover, is KFO might say. Or dross as IOZ might say. Or a rationalization as my ex-wife might say. Or bullshit, as I might say.

But you're on the right track. You have to explain how this question even needs to be asked in the face of such horror. Keep digging.

Michael Smith said...

JC, I think you misread me. I wasn't hintin' at nuthin'. I asked myself some years ago whether it was "because they are Jews" and answered myself, No. I think they do it because they can, like the proverbial dog who licks his own balls for the same reason. Put just about any other ethnic or religious group in the same position and they'd misbehave in the same way, each with its own peculiar rationalization, none of which have anything to do with the real forces at work.